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The American Wealth Strategist Team


Casey Combden - Cryptocurrency Specialist


Casey heads up the alternative investment and cryptocurrency private placement business operations.

Casey spent 21 years leading a team of 250,000 sales associates in 22, using the Amway corporation as their business vehicle. Our teaching systems touched millions of people. Concepts such as "The Business Owners Focus Board" and "The 8 Step Pattern for Success" revolutionized the industry.

Casey also founded the Next Level Networker, a training and teaching organization that empowered Network Marketers to optimize their skills and develop a successful sustainable business network. The Next Level Networker was a legacy project to capture and restore the intellectual property of the InterBiz Business System and the results of one of the most successful Network Marketers in Canadian history.

Casey also founded Human Potential international. The name says it all... an organization committed to empowering people to explore their potential through teaching, training and coaching provided people with advanced awareness in pursuing their potential. The Human Potential Ultimate Life Map is the founding structure.

Venturing into the cryptocurrency industry in 2016, Casey leads the research and implementation team that provides substantial positive results for individuals, businesses and institutions seeking alternative investments and cryptocurrency opportunities.



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