The IRS wants you to be successful.

If you are a business owner the current tax code has lots of deductions built in to it that only tax payers like you can take advantage of.

These deductions can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary tax payments!

There’s only one problem….

Your accountant doesn’t know all available tax strategies.

And how could you expect them to? During peak season your tax preparer is working 50 hours a week (or more!) preparing client tax returns for the upcoming deadline, doing audits, and many, many other things.

Most business hire tax preparation. But there’s a significant difference between preparing taxes and actually planning taxes.  One tells you what you owe and the other tells you what you can save.

It’s amazing how fast the year goes. One minute it’s Christmas, the next it’s Thanksgiving already.  Sometimes it feels like it’s always tax season.

This year, take the time to get another look at your tax position. What’s changed? What do you anticipate will be changing? Where are you exposed? What adjustments can be made? We can help you plan your taxes before your CPA prepares them.

American Wealth Strategist is a wealth planning firm. We make it our business to coordinate a team of expert  attorneys, CPA’s, financial planners, insurance agents and other advisors with one goal in mind: save you money.

If you’d like to know how much savings are possible in your situation, reach out to for a no-fee consultation.